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When your health is at stake, business insurance can take some of the worry away.

We are personal and business insurance brokers through a number of well-established insurance providers. Business Insurance is designed to protect the owner of a business if something should happen to them or a key person within the business.

Insurance lump sum cover

Life CoverPays a lump sum of money if you pass away or become terminally ill.

Total and Permanent Disablement (TDP) Cover – Pays a lump sum of money when you suffer a sickness or injury that leaves you totally and permanently disabled.

Trauma Recovery Cover – Pays a lump sum to help you recover physically and financially from a serious illness. 43 medical conditions and procedures are covered and include cancer, heart-attack, stroke and early stage cancers.

Business Insurance Monthly Income Covers

Business Disability – Provides funds if the owner or a key person is temporarily unable to work for up to two years because they have become sick or injured. Funds may be used to hire a replacement or supplement some of the lost revenue.

Farmers Disability – Provides a monthly benefit due to inability to work on a farm due to illness or injury. Funds can be used to cover farm running costs or hire a specialist contractor to perform routine tasks during recovery. The monthly payment is normally based on the farm’s turnover.

Business Expenses – Pays business liabilities and expenses up to 12 months at a time due to the inability to work due to sickness or injury.

Business Insurance can include:

  • Financial Planning benefit
  • Inflation Adjustment benefit
  • Grief Support benefit
  • Guarantee of Upgrade benefit
  • Terminal Illness benefit
  • Funeral Advancement benefit
  • TPD fast-track benefit
  • Recurrent Disability benefit

Business Security benefit

This is a policy option, useful if you believe that your business is likely to increase in value overtime. It allows you to increase your cover without having to undertake a health assessment. It can be applied to Lump Sum, Business Disability and Farmers Disability covers.

Additional Benefits you can add to your Insurance

Payment of Life cover Premiums – Paid if you cannot work for more than 10 hours a week.

Needlestick benefit – Cover for those working in the medical and emergency service industries, providing protection against the financial impact of contracting Hepatitis B or C or HIV.

Early Trauma benefit – Provides partial payment for an additional 19 conditions on top of the 43 conditions covered by the Trauma Recovery Cover.

Trauma Reinstatement benefit – Allows you to reinstate your Trauma Recovery Cover after you have claimed on it. This allows you to claim it again in the future.

Life Cover Buy Back benefit – Allows you to increase your Life Cover back to its original amount when your trauma claim comes out of your Life Cover.

There are two payment options

  1. Level premium payments – Allows you to lock your premium payments so that they do not increase in the future.
  1. Stepped Premium payments – These payments start lower than level premiums but increase annually according to your age.