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vehicle leasing

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Transparent, personalised vehicle leasing for Businesses. Driveline are dedicated experts, with a huge fleet, national coverage and a wealth of experience. As industry leading experts, we understand the complexity of business car lease, and have created a brand new way of thinking, bringing the intricacies of individual business requirements to the forefront, with our SmartLease™ package – a completely transparent, customer focussed way to lease a fleet. With our SmartLease™ package you get a genuine “no hidden costs” operating lease for your business.

The first step is understanding your requirements. Once the parameters of the lease have been agreed, the residual value is 100% transparent, with no deposit and lease payments that are a 100% tax-deductible expense for tax purposes.*

7 Reasons to use Driveline for your car lease

Benefits of SmartLease™ over Traditional Business Car Lease

Compared with traditional hire purchase models of fleet management, the cashflow advantages are fantastic. Because you are no longer paying off the entire value of the vehicle, monthly payments could be up to 30% less than you are used to. There are also great financial advantages from a tax point of view when leasing over hire purchase agreements.

With Driveline’s SmartLease™ we also protect you from nasty surprises by making sure there are NO “excess kilometres” charges and NO “refurbishment” charges that are all too common with other car lease companies at the end of a vehicle lease.

We have created SmartLease™ to create complete peace of mind – you can enjoy the benefits of ownership without having to micro-manage fleet usage to prevent tying up capital…all you’ve got to do is concentrate on your business…all you’ve gotta do is drive!

No-obligation quotes

Each SmartLease™ agreement is bespoke to your business. To understand exactly how we can refine your fleet management, ring for a free consultation and quote on 09 438 7985.

Hire Purchase

Some business models are better suited to owning their own vehicles outright. For example, for some organisations, such as not-for-profits that are not in a position to benefit from the tax advantages of leasing, hire purchase often makes more sense.

Although Driveline are predominantly a lease company, they also offer competitive vehicle finance on HP. With hire purchase we fund the car by way of a good old-fashioned finance arrangement, typically for a term of 3-5 years.

Our ethos is to make sure that the solution fits the requirements, and not the other way around. We can structure agreements with or without a deposit to suit your cashflow requirements and we only use the vehicle as security against the contract.

Although your payments are not directly tax deductible, if you are GST registered you can benefit from the Goods and Services Tax (GST) up-front, and can further claim annual depreciation and the interest cost over the term of the loan.* However, unlike leasing, your capital is tied up, and it may affect other funding arrangements you have with your bank.

Hire purchase can be hugely beneficial, though it is important to understand the trade-offs that must be made; you enjoy the benefits of ownership but your monthly payments are higher and your capital is tied up in a depreciating asset. For some it makes more sense than leasing though. If you are in any doubt, we are on hand to advise; obligation free. We will ensure that you are making the very most of your fleet hire… all you gotta do is drive!